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 The main requirements for the application of the concept of Total Quality Management

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تاريخ التسجيل : 13/06/2010

مُساهمةموضوع: The main requirements for the application of the concept of Total Quality Management   الجمعة نوفمبر 26, 2010 11:35 am

The main requirements for the application of the concept of Total Quality Management

The application of the concept of total quality management in the enterprise requires some of the requirements prior to start implementing this program in the organization in order to prepare workers to accept the idea and then trying to limit and effectively achieved the desired results.
Here are some of these key requirements needed for the application.

Firstly: the restructuring of the enterprise culture.

The introduction of any new principle in the organization requires restructuring of the culture of the institution where the acceptance or rejection of any principle depends on the culture and beliefs of employees in the organization.
The (quality culture) differ radically from the (traditional administrative culture) and therefore need to create such a culture appropriate to apply the concept of total quality management by changing management techniques.
In general, you must create an enabling environment for the application of this new concept with its new cultures.
Second: the promotion and marketing program
The deployment of the concepts and principles of total quality management for all employees in the organization is necessary before deciding the application.
The marketing program helps a lot in a little from the opposition to change and to identify potential risks so that it can cause the application to review.
And promoted the program by organizing lectures, conferences or training courses to introduce the concept of quality and benefits to the institution.

III: Education and training.

Until the application of the concept of total quality management
properly, it must train and teach participants methods and tools of this
new concept can even be based on sound and solid and thus lead to the
desired results from its application. The application of this program
without the awareness or understanding of the principles and
requirements may lead to failure. Awareness of the full could be
achieved through effective training programs.
The goal of the training is to spread awareness and to enable participants
to identify methods of development. This training should be directed to
all categories and levels of management (executive board, managers,
supervisors, employees) must meet the requirements of each category
by the challenges they face. Special training is the Executive Authority
must include an application strategy while training teams work must
include methods and techniques for developing processes.
Overall, the training must address the importance of quality tools and
methods and the necessary skills and problem solving techniques and
decision-making and the principles of effective leadership and statistical
tools and methods of measuring performance.
Fourth: the use of consultants.

Purpose of the use of outside expertise from consultants and specialized institutions when implementing the program is to strengthen the institution's experience and assistance in solving the problems that will arise, especially in the early stages.

V.: The formation of task forces.

Be formed task forces to include every one of them between five to eight members from the departments directly involved or those who actually perform the work to be developed and which will be affected by the outcome of the project.
Since this difference will be the improvement must be of people trusted, and who are willing to work and development as well as should be given authority review and assessment of the tasks included in the process and to submit proposals for improvement.
VI: encouragement and motivation.

The peer assessment of individuals doing a great job will inevitably lead
to encourage them, and instil confidence, and strengthen the desired
performance. This encouragement and motivation have a significant role
in the development of a TQM program in the organization and continuity.
Since the continuity of the program in the organization depends entirely
on the Hamas participating in the improvement, so this enthusiasm
should be strengthened through appropriate incentives and this will vary
from the financial reward to the moral encouragement.
The conclusion that the institution adopt an incentive program effective
and flexible creates an atmosphere of confidence, encouragement and
sense of belonging to the institution and the importance of the role
entrusted to them in implementing the program.

Seventh: The supervision and follow-up.

Of the necessities of the application of program quality is to supervise
the work teams to modify any wrong track and follow up their
achievements and their evaluation if necessary. Also, the kits of the
Supervisory Committee and is a follow-up coordination between various
individuals and departments in the organization and to overcome the
difficulties of working with the teams taking into account the public

VIII: a strategy for the application.

The strategy for the development and introduction of a program of total
quality management into the application is going through several steps
or stages of the preparation for the start of this program until you
achieve the results and evaluation</FONT>

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The main requirements for the application of the concept of Total Quality Management
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