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مُساهمةموضوع: Objectives   الثلاثاء نوفمبر 23, 2010 10:06 am

Are factual findings that the human wants to achieve.
And so are the goals that can be described as methods of access and the achievement of the message

Why should I set goals for all administrative levels?
- Represent the starting point in planning, policy, rules and working procedures, budgets, programs and projects.
- A guide for decision-making.
- Determination of centers of responsibility.
- Delegation of authority and determine the terms of reference.
- Develop indicators and measures of institutional performance.
Evaluate the performance of individuals.

○ terms of objectives:
- Link to the message and vision for the future.
- Practical and realistic.
- Challenge.
- Measurability.
- Scheduling.
- Balance.
- Accountability, inclusiveness.
- Gradient.

Objectives on three levels:

1) strategic objectives (long term):
- Formulated in general and comprehensive on the overall results to be achieved.
- Developed by senior management at the enterprise level as a whole.
Long-term, non-specific end
- Develop the institutional capacity of the institution
2) tactical objectives (medium term):
- Formulated at the level of sectors / departments.
- Medium-term and have a specific end.
- More specific than the strategic objectives and they are derived.
- A means by which strategic objectives are achieved.
The establishment of an electronic management system within the institution

2) operational objectives (short term):
- Formulated at the level of departments and units and individuals.
More detailed and specific objectives of the tactical and they are derived.
</FONT>- Short-term and represent the means and methods to achieve tactical objectives.
- Training employees on the rules of Albianathalermz:

Objectives is considered the practical result of the vision through the



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