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تاريخ التسجيل : 13/06/2010

مُساهمةموضوع: Vision   الإثنين نوفمبر 22, 2010 4:31 am

The first step is to develop a vision and a successful message to any institution, is a precise are we? What do we want? Any precise definition of the reasons for the existence of this institution and the role they can play.

] What is the importance of design vision and mission of the institution?
- Identifying the things that institution must do.
- Identifying the things that institution must be avoided.
- To identify the direction the institution must take.
- Guide the decision-making within the organization.
- Raise the degree of acceptance from members of the organization of the tasks entrusted to them.
- Working on their commitment to the implementation of these tasks to the fullest.
- Create an institution for the future.


Perceptions or attitudes or aspirations of what should be the case in the future, any interest in identifying the future direction of the organization.

"Vision = ambition
] In the formulation of vision thought the following points

- How you want the institution to look after a year or five years from now? What is its image after five years?
This image should be different than it is now.
- Is this trend and this trend strengthens your commitment and motivates you?
- Do you raise this vision in response to your feelings and emotions toward the organization?
- Is this the vision possible and achievable?
- Is this the vision understood and can be absorbed from the average person and raises their motivation to work?

[And to formulate a vision should be able to answer the following questions

- What is the form of success required to achieve the organization?
- What are the opportunities available to the institution and that did not take them out yet?
- What can the institution do if it has more resources?
- Which the institution wants to know in the business community, in fact, the future?
- What is the culture of the organization and strategies?

[For the full formulation of the vision should be

- Be ambitious and clear ..
So that an individual can be seen and perceived in the mind so that it can work to achieve them.
- To describe a better future ..
Workers interact with the vision of the future when they find it inconceivable to them that give them something they want and not something Bdim now.
[color:4502=#000]- That is the choice of words carefully and thinking and that is the weight of the respective connotations the words do not be boring and dull and superficial, but honest and sincere even raise the ambition to be read, pay to work also that these words should reflect the values of the institution that you want to put in place.
Are published and circulated among the various categories of employees of the institution

In the formulation of vision must take into account the shortcut, clarity, coverage, orientation, logic

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